Labbook about nutrition

The S1 presents their labbook on the topic of nutrition

Hello dear parents and visitors, here we would like to introduce our Labbook. In the last series of lessons, we dealt with the topic of food in Integrated Sciences. The following questions were addressed:
- what nutrients do foods contain?
- why and what for do we need food?
- what role do plants play in our diet and what do food chains look like?
- What is the PH value of certain foods?
- in which aggregate states do our foods occur?
- which microorganisms are found in food?
- what energy content is contained in food?

Following this topic, we visited the Nano Bio Lab at Saarland University.
The results can be found in the Labbook. Furthermore, the students were able to show what skills they have with media and created animations and the Labbook itself.
Have fun looking through it!

click here for our labbook