The project "School Social Work" is a cooperation between the Regional Association of Saarbrücken, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Saarland, the state capital Saarbrücken, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund and the European School Saarland.

School social work is an offer that is directed at all children, parents and teaching staff.

In case of concerns and problems, the school social work finds common solutions.

In addition, the concept of the all-day school offers the possibility to promote the personal as well as the social development of the students on different levels and to contribute to a friendly and respectful coexistence for the social space school through specific focal points of the school social work.


This also includes networking and cooperation between the actors involved in school life and those belonging to the living environment school.

The tasks of school social work include:


  •     Counseling
  •     Dispute resolution
  •     Crisis intervention
  •     Implementation of pedagogical/preventive offers (such as social competence training)
  •     Open child and youth work (e.g. recreational activities/AGs)
  •     Networking

Our contact details as well as further information on school social work can be found here.