Our school would also like to introduce itself to Spanish-speaking interested parties. Who would better to do this than the pupils of the school themselves? After just 1.5 years of Spanish lessons, S2 worked in groups to produce various flyers about the European School Saarland, which we would like to share with you.

The work on the flyers was great fun for the children and taught them several skills at the same time:
structuring and dividing up the work process within the team
using real-life language, e.g. vocabulary about everyday school life
improving presentation skills
training writing skills
 media skills through the digital development of the flyer
Aesthetic perception of image design with a view to interdisciplinary lessons (art)
In the event of language difficulties, the children also had the opportunity to consult Spanish-speaking children from their parallel courses in the spirit of the European idea. Finally, the flyers were printed and bound so that the children could proudly hold their product in their hands at the end.
Click here to see the final products!