At ESS we offer special support programmes that take into account the individual needs of our students. We understand that every student lives and learns differently and arrangements in the classroom and school are flexibly tailored to the students' individual learning needs.

Individual learning requirements and special support needs are identified and determined by the students themselves, parents or teachers, but also through testing or academic achievement.

Areas of support

At ESS, we believe in diversity. In our school community, we embrace diversity and understand difference as enrichment. Learning with and from each other strengthens the individual progress of each student. Every student comes to school with different prerequisites and talents. In order to develop in the best possible way and to be successful, it may be necessary at certain times for a pupil to need individual support. In collaboration with parents, we select interventions and time periods to build on the student's strengths and develop skills.

Support measures

What do we do when pupils learn differently?

The aim of educational support is to enable pupils to access the curriculum through a range of interventions both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to high-quality classroom teaching, there are general, intermediate and intensive support structures, which can be short-term, medium-term or long-term.