Hello dear parents and visitors, here we would like to introduce our Labbook. In the last series of lessons, we dealt with the topic of food in Integrated Sciences. The following questions were addressed:
- what nutrients do foods contain?
- why and what for do we need food?
- what role do plants play in our diet and what do food chains look like?
- What is the PH value of certain foods?
- in which aggregate states do our foods occur?
- which microorganisms are found in food?
- what energy content is contained in food?

Following this topic, we visited the Nano Bio Lab at Saarland University.
The results can be found in the Labbook. Furthermore, the students were able to show what skills they have with media and created animations and the Labbook itself.
Have fun looking through it!

Building a racing car out of straws, egg cartons, corks and other materials? Our P1 showed during our project days from 30.03 - 01.04 that this is possible. The children brought a wealth of materials to school and eagerly started constructing their cars. During the design process, the children repeatedly checked the roadworthiness of their vehicle. Because there was one thing the children were looking forward to right from the start: The big race at our 100-day festival!

It was a highlight for many children when their self-made racing cars were allowed to compete against each other at our school festival in front of parents, friends and the school community. Pieter was able to win with his special construction and thus received the golden racing car trophy. All the children in P1 were fully committed to this project and each child received a certificate with a TÜV badge at the end. Our little engineers are already looking forward to more great projects!



Our ESS students drew together with FOS-Design students (TGBBZ 2, Saarbrücken) in an artistic dialogue project. This special project was accompanied by the visual artist Katja Romeyke (FOS-Design), Hubert Jung, Sabine Schönig and Jill Valentin (ESS).

The creative project was initiated by Katha Romeyke and started in autumn 2021 with almost 90 children and young adults. Corona restrictions meant that the children and young people aged between 6 and 25 were initially unable to meet in person for a long time.

On 29.3.22 the time had finally come: the first meeting took place in the schoolyard of the ESS. Everyone was very excited and curious about this day after months of waiting and drawing. The "drawing pairs" were able to look at their work together in the foyer of the TGBBZ 2 (Malstatt) and exchange their creative experiences. At the end, everyone gathered together in the courtyard of TGBBZ 2 for a joint photo.

This creative cooperation with artistic expression has shown us that art expands ways of togetherness and dialogue in everyday school life in an exciting way. The FOS-Design and the European School Saarland would like to continue using this "door to door" exchange opportunity.

Together with the students, we decided to auction these expressive results and fruits of their work for the benefit of the Herzenssache fundraising campaign: refugee aid for children from Ukraine.