Questions concerning registration and admission

You are a resident of the Saarland or/and you are employed...

  • by a European or international institution or organization
  • by a research and higher education institution
  • by an internationally operating company 

Registration periods: P1 in November/ P5 in February
(Note: current publications on the website)

If you are moving to Saarland from outside you can request a place for your child at any time.

There is no waiting list. Your child can be enrolled during the specified enrollment periods in the previous year of school entry.

If you are moving to Saarland from outside you can request a place at any time.

As a rule, siblings are accepted - after verification of the prerequisites by the hardship regulation (§ 7 SchO of the ESS).

No, the ESS is a public school and therefore free of charge.

Questions concerning languages

Guardians register their child in the language section that corresponds to the dominant language of the child. If the child cannot be clearly assigned a dominant language (German or English), a language entrance test is conducted at the ESS.

Children learn their first foreign language directly form first grade. German, English or French can be chosen as the first foreign language (L2), according to section affiliation. Further foreign languages and subject lessons taught in a foreign language are added from S1.

The first foreign language (L2) starts in P1 (first grade). You can choose between German, English or French. The second foreign language starts in S1 (sixth grade). You can choose between German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, depending on section affiliation.

ESS has two language sections. From first grade on, we teach children in their native and dominate language, German or English. This means that students in the English language section are taught in English in all subjects. The subjects music, physical education and art are taught across sections and are taught in English and German right from the beginning. From S3 (eighth grade) onwards, individual subjects are taught exclusively in the first foreign language.

The ESS shows a special and distinct profile, which can be anchored especially in the area of multilingualism. Thereby, the culturally influenced and European-oriented educational concept is emphasized. Another focus is on training the digital competencies of the students. The school education at the ESS leads to the European Baccalaureate and is valid as an international university entrance qualification.

The ESS is an all-day school, at which your child will be taught and cared for from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. Optionally, after-school care is available until 6 pm.

An essential part of our concept is the interlocking of learning and free time within the school day. The selection of activities is related to the living world of each child and adolescent. Likewise, the offers are aligned with the European character of the school and include aspects of the "Bildungsplan Saarland".

Registration for the coming school year is possible from mid-May. 

Participation in after-school care is subject to a fee. The costs are recalculated annually. In the school year 2021/2022, the fee is 50€ per month. This includes after-school care and holiday care. During the holidays, lunch is charged. The contract period is for the duration of one school year.

If there are free places in the current school year, the child can be admitted to the after-school care. The contract is concluded until the end of the school year.

Yes, the vacation periods differ in some cases.

In principle, childcare is provided during the autumn holidays, carnival holidays, easter holidays, whitsun holidays and parts of the summer holidays. The exact dates are announced annually. However, changes are possible. Participation in holiday care is linked to registration in the after-school care. Childcare is provided during the holidays from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00.

It is intended that a move of the ESS will occur in 5 - 6 years.

For current information, please refer to the daily press.